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Keysight Agilent HP

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ESA Series

ESA Series | Keysight Technologies | Analyzers | In Stock & Ready to Ship | Apex Waves

MIMO RF Signal Analysis and Generation Test System

MIMO RF Signal Analysis and Generation Test Systems | Keysight Technologies | Analyzers | In Stock & Ready to Ship | Apex Waves

U5850 Series

Keysight/Agilent/HP U5850 Series of Thermal Imagers

16800 Series

The Keysight 16800 Series of Portable Logic Analyzers has many beneficial features: the capability to look at Scope time-correlated measurements and displays, a large 15 in. display screen, up to 32 M memory depth (with Option 32), models with varying channel numbers of 34/68/102/136/204, and a 250 ps resolution (4 GHz) timing zoom to spot difficult timing problems swiftly. The display has a touchscreen capability; the size enables the user to view more data clearly. Since there are eight different models in the 16800 Series, the user is sure to find a Portable Logic Analyzer to fit their unique specifications.

The Keysight 16800 Series has the capability of setting up triggers swiftly and competently with intuitive, easy, and advanced triggering. This capability is the combination of a new trigger function and an intuitive user interface. This series of portable logic analyzers also has the capability of watching and correlating numerous buses with a split analyzer capability. This delivers single and multibus support (timing/state, state/state, state, or timing configurations.

8560xE/EC Series

Agilent Technologies 8560EC 856xE/EC Series Portable Spectrum Analyzers

An ideal general purpose yet high performance Agilent 856xE/EC series of spectrum analyzers. The only rugged portable spectrum analyzer with pre-selection to 50 GHz and a complete range of external mixers to 110 GHz. Key measurement personalities such as integrated phase noise, make this analyzer family ideally suited for work on aerospace, defense and commercial RF, microwave, and mm-wave.

The Agilent 856xE/EC 8560EC Series spectrum analyzers offer outstanding specifications for sensitivity, phase noise, the second and third order dynamic range, and the voltage standing wave ratio (VWSR).

A full line of spectrum analyzers, from RF through millimeter, with a common user interface and programming language, will provide customers the best solutions for their variety of test and measurement applications.


859x Series

The Keysight 859x Series of Portable Spectrum Analyzers are ideal for general purpose spectrum analysis, manufacturing, research and development, and field service, installation, and signal surveillance. This series has numerous measurement personalities for the user to choose from to completely customize their spectrum analyzer. The measurement personalities include: scalar analysis, RF wireless communications, cable TV, microwave links, lightwave, noise figure, digital radio, EMI precompliance, and various others. Every measurement personality includes measurement setups, patterns, and outcomes tailored to the user’s application, along with a user interface with terminology relevant to the application. Other features of the Keysight 859x Series are: an I/O and parallel printer port, large frequency ranges, softkey menus, and an onscreen zoom window.

The 859x Series of Portable Spectrum Analyzers has built-in one-button measurement patterns for the following measurements: channel power, adjacent channel power (ACP), signal bandwidth, occupied bandwidth power, percent AM, and third-order intercept. There are also more than 200 completely documented programming commands to create programs for the user’s requirements. The other option is to have expert application engineers create programs for the user. Additional options which can be added on to the spectrum analyzers include features such as a built-in tracking generator, a soft carrying case, a memory card reader, and more.

8753 Network Analyzers

The Keysight 8753 Series of Network Analyzers delivers high-performance and many efficient features to ensure that component measurements are completed quickly. These models are affordable and easy to use. These models can swiftly measure a device’s reflection coefficient, phase, isolation, gain, return loss, group delay, and more. There is a built-in test set for transmission and reflection measurements, along with two individual display channels to permit display of transmission and reflection, time-domain and swept-frequency, or magnitude and phase measurements at the same time.

With the 8753 Series, test patterns, measured information, instrument states, and calibration information can be stored and recalled to the internal memory or an optional external disk drive. The nonvolatile memory ensures internal storage of as many as 31 instrument states. Additionally, black and white or color hardcopies can be printed from a printer or plotter through the GPIB interface. Test times can be minimized by permitting the network analyzer to decide if measurement outcomes fall within stipulations chosen by the user. Pass or fail is then specified visually from the display, over the GPIB, from a BNC back panel TTL output, or audibly with a beep. 

PNA Network Analyzers

The Keysight PNA-X Series of Microwave Network Analyzers each have two internal signal sources, S-parameter and noise receivers, a signal combiner, a versatile set of switches and RF access points, and pulse modulators and generators. This series is suitable for R&D because it delivers measurement integrity that aids the user with altering further comprehension into improved designs. For the production line, the PNAs provide the throughput and repetitiveness necessary for users. The PNA-X Series are simple to operate, precise, and fast, making them perfect for standard RF measurements in fixtured, coaxial, and on-wafer settings.

The PNA X-Series of Microwave Network Analyzers comes with valuable features such as 200 measurement channels and infinite traces, built-in help, calibration capabilities, as many as 15 markers for every trace, easy access for ECal and other USB devices, an equation editor and time-domain assessment, and numerous others. There is a removable hard drive for secure settings. Also, a power I/O connector delivers analog inputs and outputs for PAE and other measurement types.  Another feature of these Microwave Network Analyzers is a second GPIB interface, which can be used to control power meters, signal sources, and other types of devices.

PSA Spectrum Analyzers

PSA Series High-PerformanceSpectrum Analyzer
The Agilent PSA Series spectrum analyzer offers high-performance spectrum analysis up to 50 GHz with a leading-edge combination of analysis bandwidth, flexibility, speed, accuracy, and dynamic range.