5 Advantages of CompactDAQ Systems

front view of the cdaq-9174

Compact, adaptable, and reliable- the Compact Data Acquisition system from NI is a cost-effective solution for data collection. The cDAQ platform allows you to have precise measurements while reducing the number of components in your measuring system, making it an excellent fit for a variety of applications! In this post, we will go over 5 advantages of using the cDAQ platform for your test system.

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Government Asset Scrapping By the Pound

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Recycling or reusing materials in order to reduce global waste is not the only consideration when disposing of unneeded NI Hardware. With so much personal and proprietary information being stored and shared around the globe each day, the secure removal of data is an equally important consideration. This is especially true for government entities, where cybersecurity is paramount. Read on to learn more about the importance of scrapping government assets and how Apex Waves can help.

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7 Ways Apex Waves Fills the Void for NI Obsolescence Planning

Apex Waves specializes in obsolete National Instruments products, which encompasses a variety of PCI, PXI, SCXI, CompactRIO, and CompactDAQ products. Obsolete products are not manufactured or offered by the manufacturer anymore. This also means support services are not offered. Obsolete NI products cannot be purchased, repaired, or calibrated by the manufacturer.

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National Instruments Holds Numerous Patents for Innovative Products

Opinions vary on the importance of filing for a patent for a unique invention or product. An article in Forbes Magazine claims, “Around 97% of all patents never recoup the cost of filing them.” Dennis Crouch, from the Center for Intellectual Property & Entrepreneurship at the University of Missouri Law School, states on his website, “About 50% of patents expire prematurely because their owners decline to pay the required maintenance fees.”

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National Instruments cDAQ Platform

The National Instruments CompactDAQ or cDAQ  models, such as the cDAQ-9171, cDAQ-9174, cDAQ-9178, and more belong to this family of data acquisition models. A CompactDAQ system is comprised of a chassis linked to a PC via USB or Ethernet, which is filled with at least one I/O module. The National Instruments CompactDAQ Chassis can be utilized with C Series I/O modules for a mixture of counter/timer measurements, digital I/O, as well as analog I/O. Additionally, National Instruments cDAQ Chassis provide numerous timing engines. This feature enables the user to run several hardware-timed actions at the same time with individual rates for analog input. These Chassis have carrying slot counts, anywhere from 1 to 14, enabling the user to choose a Chassis with the requirements for their application. The Bus Connectors for these models are either USB 2.0, USB 3.0, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi. Several of the National Instruments NI cDAQ Chassis also have a synchronization feature and/or a built-in trigger.

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