Using and Maintaining the Industrial IoT

Smart devices abound in today’s world; they are being used in almost every industry and application, from smart home improvements to personal communications. This advanced technology is also being used with great effectiveness in industrial manufacturing applications. But these IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) devices do more than control the production floor thermostat. They are innovating the way machines operate in manufacturing, healthcare, power generation, and more.

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Digital Transformation in Aerospace and Defense

The aerospace and defense (A&D) industries have long been a recognized leader when it comes to adopting new, innovative technologies. Digital transformation has naturally been part of that process over time. In fact, A&D were early converts to digital design and manufacturing processes. As A&D industries are tapped to produce ever-evolving technological systems for growing needs, digital transformation will be a crucial factor contributing to success.

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Using National Instruments STS for IoT Microcontroller Devices

As 2020 and beyond draws near, new challenges in testing and measurement are more apparent because of the explosion of the Internet of Things (IoT). While some testing protocols can still be utilized on new devices, others demand new approaches. Fast and accurate testing and reducing costs remain vital concerns.

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