Using NI’s PXI Hardware to Control the World’s Largest Particle Accelerator

Particle Accelerators are used in complex research that reveals much of what we know about basic matter in our universe. A particle accelerator is an enclosed machine that accelerates elementary particles (electrons and protons) to fast speeds and energy levels. After the beam is moving quickly, targets are positioned in the path of the beam, as well as measurement devices, to observe and record information about how the beam and the target respond upon collision.

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NI’s Beam Position Monitoring and Control Electronics Solution

Particle accelerators touch our lives in a variety of ways, but the population at large is likely ignorant of their purpose or operation. Since their inception in the 1890s, these complex tools have been integral to important discoveries in basic science, scientific and medical research, the defense industry, and even many consumer products. National Instruments provides a beam position monitoring and electronics control solution that aids in the commercial use of particle accelerators.

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Using NI’s STS for RF Front Ends & Transceivers

The future of communications is NOW, and that means incredibly fast data rates and even greater communication capacities. The Internet of Things (IoT) has brought about an entirely new and formerly unimaginable level of real-time interaction between people through the use of intelligent devices. With the proliferation of 5G wireless technology, our already-hyperconnected world is poised to jump several levels into the future.

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National Instruments Holds Numerous Patents for Innovative Products

Opinions vary on the importance of filing for a patent for a unique invention or product. An article in Forbes Magazine claims, “Around 97% of all patents never recoup the cost of filing them.” Dennis Crouch, from the Center for Intellectual Property & Entrepreneurship at the University of Missouri Law School, states on his website, “About 50% of patents expire prematurely because their owners decline to pay the required maintenance fees.”

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Why National Instruments PXI Platform is the Choice for Communications and Navigation Systems Test

As rogue elements continually improve countermeasures for modern navigation and communication systems, engineers need instrumentation and software solutions that are flexible enough to allow for the design and testing of evolving threats and complex signals.

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National Instruments LabVIEW

LabVIEW software, created by National Instruments in the 80’s, can be used with Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux, and other operating systems in many types of applications. This feature makes LabVIEW a versatile software, ideal for users with a variety of requirements. With the use of LabVIEW, users can create industrial equipment and intelligent machines more quickly. National Instrument’s embedded design platform is a combination of a software stack, integrated and easily customized hardware, and an ecosystem of users and IP. NI LabVIEW can also be used to help teach engineering students in the classroom or lab. When students use LabVIEW, they can improve their discovery rates, find answers more quickly, and become more successful.

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National Instruments Background

National Instruments was founded in 1976 and has offices in over 50 countries. NI develops modular hardware through an open, software-defined platform. Their hardware aids users in boosting performance in automated test and measurement systems. The unique modular hardware is anything from high-performing RF devices to affordable measurement instruments. The versatile I/O allows users to reconfigure their existing hardware in software and thus prevents them from needing to purchase new devices each time they require a different type of application.

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