National Instruments ADC

Many National Instruments devices utilize Analog-to-Digital Converters, which has many advantages, including improving preciseness and performance within a variety of applications. There are two key types of Analog-to-Digital Converters or ADCs used in National Instruments DAQ Devices: the Successive-Approximation-Register or SAR and Delta-Sigma ADC or DSA. The SAR type of ADC is utilized in NI-63xx X Series Devices and Modules, NI-60xx E Series Devices, several NI-61xx S Series Devices and Modules, and NI-62xx M Series Devices and Modules. However, the DSA type of ADC is utilized in NI-43xx SC Express Devices and Modules, NI-944xx DSA Devices and Modules, and several NI-92xx C Series Devices and Modules.

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National Instruments Data Acquisition (DAQ) Devices

National Instruments manufactures a variety of products, including several types of data acquisition or DAQ devices. These include affordable singular DAQ devices with a minimal channel count, modular DAQ devices with a medium channel count, and modular DAQ systems with a high channel count. These devices are created for several platforms and buses, such as CompactDAQ, CompactRIO, PXI, PXI Express, PCI, and PCI Express. DAQ devices measure an electrical or physical spectacle like the voltage, temperature, current, sound, or pressure via a computer.

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