National Instruments PXI Chassis Part 2

As mentioned in the National Instruments PXI Chassis Part 1 Blog Post,  NI PXI Chassis have many beneficial features. A feature not yet discussed is the timing and synchronization capabilities of these models. PXI Chassis have a 10 MHz system reference clock, star trigger bus, slot-to-slot local bus, and a PXI trigger bus. Furthermore, PXI Express Chassis also have a 100 MHz differential system clock, differential star triggers, and differential signaling. The system reference clocks can phase-lock-loop or PLL to a higher stability clock source than that which is offered on the backplane of the chassis. The result is that PXI modules with higher sample rates can better align their samples across numerous devices.

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National Instruments PXI Chassis Part 1

The National Instruments PXI Chassis are designed for measurement and automation applications, hold PXI modules, and link the modules with a high-performance backplane that provides synchronization and timing features. PXI Chassis deliver cooling, power, and a communication bus for I/O modules or modular devices. These modules can be controlled from an external PC or an embedded controller, with any of National Instruments software tools. These Chassis are compatible with PXI hybrid, PXI Express, and PXI modules.

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National Instruments Data Acquisition (DAQ) Devices

National Instruments manufactures a variety of products, including several types of data acquisition or DAQ devices. These include affordable singular DAQ devices with a minimal channel count, modular DAQ devices with a medium channel count, and modular DAQ systems with a high channel count. These devices are created for several platforms and buses, such as CompactDAQ, CompactRIO, PXI, PXI Express, PCI, and PCI Express. DAQ devices measure an electrical or physical spectacle like the voltage, temperature, current, sound, or pressure via a computer.

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