National Instruments SCXI: Part 3

This is the third part in our series about the National Instruments SCXI Series. There are several types of switches in the SCXI series. The first type is the Multiplexer/Matrix Switch Module. One of these Multiplexer/Matrix Modules is the SCXI-1127 (electromechanical relay). Another example is the SCXI-1128 (solid-state relay). Both are devices that function as multiplexer or matrix modules. As a multiplexer, they can operate in different multiplexing modes, such as 1-wire for resistive measurements including RTDs and low-resistance measurements. With the SCXI-1332 front-mounting terminal block, the SCXI-1127 and SCXI-1128 become a 4×8 2-wire matrix. Expanding the multiplexer or matrix channel count is as easy as adding additional modules.

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National Instruments SCXI End of Life

The National Instruments SCXI products were discontinued on September 28th, 2018. However, all SCXI modules, accessories, chassis, etc. are available for purchase and repairs by Apex Waves. Before the user sets up their SCXI system, these items are required: an SCXI Chassis (SCXI-2000, SCXI-1000, SCXI-1000DC, or SCXI-1001), a computer, NI-DAQ driver software, an SCXI cable assembly, SCXI modules, and terminal blocks to utilize in the chassis, and DAQ instruments or the SCXI-1200 DAQ Module. The chassis holds the modules and provides power, controlling the SCXIbus. The chassis has a digital bus, an analog bus, and a chassis controller to control bus functions. The analog bus transports analog signals from every resident analog input module to the DAQ instrument with a link from one module to the DAQ instrument. The DAQ instrument’s digital lines communicate with the SCXI chassis controller and manipulate the digital bus, which is in charge of chassis functions.

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