The Intelligent Street Light Monitoring System

street lamps lining the street in India at sundown

Street lighting plays a crucial role in modern society, ensuring safety and security while illuminating our roads and pathways. However, traditional street lighting systems come with their fair share of challenges- including high energy consumption, maintenance costs, and limited control options. Fortunately, the Intelligent Street Light Monitoring System (SLMS) emerged as a groundbreaking solution that addressed these issues and transformed the way we illuminate our streets.

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NI: A History of Collaboration and Innovation

Overhead shot of people collaborating at a table with laptops and notebooks

For decades, NI has joined forces with various companies and organizations to achieve shared goals and spur technological innovation forward. While their collaborative efforts with innovative powerhouses such as NASA are well known, they are worth looking back on to celebrate achievements. This post will take a brief look at four notable collaborations between NI and other companies.

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Developing a Multi-Protocol UHF RFID Test Platform

Closeup of person using RFID technology to scan their wristband

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has transformed the way we interact with objects and data, enabling automatic identification and data retrieval. However, the complexity of Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) technology, coupled with a multitude of standards and RF parameter measurement challenges, has led to incompatibility among RFID products and significant testing difficulties.

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A Quick Guide to Waveform Shapes and Measurements

Closeup of Rigol oscilloscope displaying a sine wave

Waveforms play a vital role in ensuring the dependability, precision, and efficiency of test and measurement systems and devices. The waveforms displayed on the graph screen of an oscilloscope provide a convenient visualization for critical information about the signals under test, such as their properties, performance, and behavior. This post will serve as a quick and convenient guide to the importance of waveforms, some common shapes, and different types of measurements!

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NI and the Hydro-Mechanical Fuel Test Facility

Oregon State University Campus

The collaborative efforts of Oregon State University and the Idaho National Laboratory truly paid off in the formation of the Hydro-Mechanical Fuel Test Facility. Equipped with advanced hardware and software technology from National Instruments, this state-of-the-art facility continues to play a pivotal role in qualifying a new prototypic nuclear fuel for high-performance research reactors.

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Selling Your Surplus to Apex Waves

Various NI hardware on a blue background

Looking to get rid of your used, new, or secondhand test equipment? Sell your surplus to Apex Waves! We accept modules across every NI series as well as from additional manufacturers, working to give you the best offer for your individual goals with multiple selling options. Keep reading to learn more about how to quickly and conveniently sell your surplus to Apex Waves!

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NI Connect Keynote Recap: Day 2

The second day of NI Connect 2023 brought just as much excitement as the first. The overall theme of the conference’s second keynote was NI’s vision to support a more connected world, and it brought together guest speakers from prominent organizations such as Northeastern University, NXP, and the Battery Innovation Center. Keep reading for a recap of what was discussed in the second and final keynote of the conference!

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