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The Tektronix THM500 series’ instruments contain the functions of a complete digital multimeter (DMM) and the power of an oscilloscope. The DMM part of the models can evaluate RMS AC and DC voltage, resistance, continuity with an audible mode, and a diode assessment. The oscilloscope section of the THM500 models has an autoranging function which can make operations automatic; in this function a signal is displayed at all times without user prompting. There is also a manual mode option in which specific oscilloscope functions can be selected, such as coupling or triggering. Tektronix THM500 models have preconfigured functions on the oscilloscope which can be used for motor analysis, transformer THDF measurement, power measurement, and power line monitoring. The Tektronix THM500 series can save waveforms, settings, and displays; these models also have the ability to transfer waveforms and screen to a PC with a communications adapter.

Several of the specifications of the THM500 models are: a super twisted LCD screen with a backlight and customizable contrast options, and a 4.5 hour battery life with ongoing use and the backlight capability off. The Tektronix THM500 series models each weigh around 2.2 pounds with batteries and measure 5.5 x 8.3 x 1.7 inches, making the models light and compact.