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54500 Series

The HP Agilent 54500 Series of General-Purpose Digitizing Oscilloscopes are a cost-effective choice with the high performance every user wants. Autoscale, automatic measurements, nonvolatile setup and waveform memories, along with complete HPIB programmability, are only a few of the features this series can provide. Advanced logic triggering can be utilized on state, pattern, edge, or trigger after delay to catch hard to spot events, such as transient bus phenomena or timing violations. This series is ideal for hardware design and debug applications. Certain oscilloscopes in the 54500 Series have a glitch triggering capability to pinpoint and trigger on a glitch as thin as 1.75 ns as well.

If a user of the 54500 Digitizing Oscilloscopes would like to characterize more than one event separated in time, the sequential single-shot function is the feature they need. Sequential single-shot permits the user catch the pulses without dead time in between. Afterwards, the user can assess the pulses one at a time or all at once in envelope, averaged, or normal mode.

The 54500 Series of Oscilloscopes either have two or four channels, a bandwidth as high as 500 MHz, a sample rate up to 1 GSa/s, and 8001 samples of memory/channel at the most. 

54800 Series

The HP Agilent 54800 Series of Infiniium Oscilloscopes comes with valuable features, including, but not limited to: a USB test option with embedded MatLab, a VoiceControl option for hands free functioning, web-enabled, control and view from any web-browser, a maximum 8 GSa/s sample rate, and 500 MHz, 1 GHz, 1.5 GHz, and 2.25 GHz bandwidth models. This series of Infiniium oscilloscopes has the necessary features to save and share data. With a few mouse clicks, the user can store waveforms and screen bit maps to the 5 GByte hard drive, the 120 Mbyte SuperDisk floppy disk drive, or a drive on their network. Additionally, the LAN connectivity feature permits the user to print data to networked printers.

The 54800 Series of Infiniium Oscilloscopes has options for general-purpose lab measurements, while also providing models with higher performance levels. The user is sure to find the oscilloscope that fits their needs with this series. As an added bonus, the 54845A and 54846A provide a cycle-to-cycle jitter measurement, allowing the user to characterize their system jitter. These two models are also suited for the toughest applications, with their high bandwidths, fast sample rates, and more.

54830 Series

The HP Agilent 54830 Series of Infiniium Oscilloscopes allows the user to look at the complicated relationships of analog and digital signals with ease, while also looking at the analog details of digital signals. The MegaZoom technology on these oscilloscopes entails 128 Mpts for swift waveform updates. This technology is simple to learn, so the user will not have to worry about wasting time. This series is ideal for embedded designs, including complicated digital buses. A few of these buses are the SDRAM or PCI. The oscilloscopes in this series have 2+16, 4+16, 2, or 4 channels, advanced probing features, a maximum of 4 GSa/s sample rate, and a bandwidth ranging from 600 MHz to 1 GHz.

A few of the aspects that make the 54830 Series so great are the analog-style front panel, automatic deep memory with an instantaneous reaction, advanced features which are easy to find, and the effortless communication and information sharing capability. The 54830 Series of Infiniium Oscilloscopes each has an 8.4 inch, high-resolution color display. The large display size allows the user to view the details of their signal from every angle. Another useful feature is the ability to save setups and measurement outcomes on the >20 GB hard drive, then recall them later. 

Agilent 6000A Series Oscilloscopes

The HP Agilent 6000A Series of InfiniiVision Oscilloscopes have many triggering options, a high-definition display, 8 Mpts standard memory, a sample rate of 2 GSa/s or 4 GSa/s maximum, 100 MHz, 300 MHz, 500 MHz, and 1 GHz models, and either 2, 4, 2 analog + 16 digital, or 4 analog + 16 digital channels. These oscilloscopes allow the user to see intermittent occurrences that most oscilloscopes miss, while still being responsive to input controls. There is also an optional battery operation hardware configuration (Option BAT), which is useful for an advanced debug oscilloscope when AC power is not easily accessible.

The various triggering functions available on the 6000A Series include: pulse, edge, pattern, width, duration, V, serial bus, and sequence. There is a waveform update rate of 100,000 waveforms/second. The 6000A Series can be used with passive probes, such as the 10073C, 10074C, 10070C, 10076A, and 1165A. These probes are meant for use with any InfiniiVision Oscilloscope. Many active probes by Agilent are also compatible with the InfiniiVision Oscilloscopes, including the 1130A, 1141A, 1156A, and others. Certain probes do not need to be calibrated, but others do. The oscilloscopes in the 6000A Series can precisely calibrate its analog channels for some types of active probes.

7000B Series

The Keysight 7000B Series of InfiniiVision Oscilloscopes permit the user to spot more intricate signal characteristics and random occurrences than any other oscilloscope available. The update rate is 100,000 waveforms per second, even when deep memory, digital channels, and serial decode are enabled. Each model has either two or four scope channels, plus the MSO models have 16 digital channels. The sample rate is 2 or 4 GSa/s and the standard memory is 8 Mpts for every model in the series. The huge 12.1 inch display screen on these oscilloscopes allows the user to look at as many as 20 channels at the same time while using serial protocol.

The 7000B Series of InfiniiVision Oscilloscopes can be customized by the user. They can choose which application packages they need on their oscilloscope for certain applications, such as mask testing, power measurements, secure environment, FlexRay, and more. There are also 23 automatic measurements with statistics available on these InfiniiVision Oscilloscopes. A maximum of four measurements with five statistics beyond the present value can be accomplished. The quick data update rate delivers statistical information for measurements such as max, standard deviation, mean, min, and count. 

Infiniium 8000 Series

The Keysight Infiniium 8000 Series of Oscilloscopes each have an XGA LCD display, built-in GPIB, 5U rack height perfect for rackmount applications, and bandwidths of 600 MHz and 1 GHz. The standard 4 Mpts memory, with options for as high as 128 Mpts memory, allow the user to capture extended time periods and keep up quick sample rates. The quick update rates ensure that the oscilloscope will stay reactive with deep memory on, guaranteeing an accurate depiction of the analog signals. If the user is occupied with wideband, parallel, or serial signals, the Infiniium 8000 Series is ideal for decoding waveforms. The user can even customize the bus states to be shown on the decode table while occupied with parallel waveforms.

The Infiniium 8000 Series of Oscilloscopes also delivers astounding frequency domain analysis, RF-signal demodulation, and widespread standard-specific assessment coverage, including WLAN, RFID, 3GPP, UWB, and WiMAX with the optional 89601A Series VSA software. Furthermore, with digital and wireless applications combining, the user can employ the 8000 Series single box solution to confirm the time and frequency domains. There is wide application coverage to aid the user with swiftly and simply confirming designs as well. The application packages are: FPGA, Ethernet, USB, DDR, jitter, SPI, CAN, and others.