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Keysight Agilent HP

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E3600 Series

E3600 Series | Keysight Technologies | Power Supply | In Stock & Ready to Ship | Apex Waves

E36100 Series

E36100 Series | Keysight Technologies | Power Supply | In Stock & Ready to Ship | Apex Waves

N5700 Series

N5700 Series | Keysight Technologies | Power Supply | In Stock & Ready to Ship | Apex Waves

N6900 Series

N6900 Series | Keysight Technologies | Power Supply | In Stock & Ready to Ship | Apex Waves

66300 Series

Keysight Agilent 66300 Series DC Source Dual Mobile Communications

6010A Series

Keysight Agilent 6010A 1200W DC System Power Supplies, Single Output, No Interface

6020A Series

6021A Power Supplies

6030 Series

The Keysight 6030 Series of Single-Output, DC Power Supplies has both 200 watt and 1000 watt models. One of the power supplies in this series is sufficient enough to stand in for numerous power supplies in a test system by delivering optimal power at many different operating points. The 6030 models utilize SCPI commands and VXIplug&play drivers, which help with system integration. With the use of the serial link, as many as 16 power supplies can be linked with a single GPIB address. These DC Power Supplies also have astounding electrical efficiency, which ensures that they are suitable for huge systems.

The 6030 Series has various options available, which the user can choose to add if needed. For example, Option 1 provides a single line switch to the front panel, as well as a line indicator and OVP adjustment. This option is only available for models 6030A-33A and 6038A. Option 100 changes the power to 87 to 106 VAC, 48 to 63 Hz and the output is derated to 75%. There are other power options offered as well, along with options for a printed operating manual or service manual. A serial link cable can be purchased, or a rackmount, or a rack slide kit. 

6670 Series

 The Keysight 6670 Series of 2000 watt, Single-Output DC Power Supplies have built-in measurements and advanced programmable features, protection features to guarantee DUT safety, fan-speed control to reduce acoustic noise, analog control of output voltage and current, and more. The capability of controlling output voltage and current with analog signals is useful in specific noisy conditions, and instantaneous responses to procedure modifications. The DC output and protection features can be programmed via the front panel or with industry standard SCPI commands through the GPIB. The software drivers this series uses are VXIplug&play and IVI-COM drivers.

The Keysight 6670 Series output terminals can be floated a maximum of ± 240 VDC from chassis ground. As much as half of the rated output voltage can be dropped in every load lead. The drop in the load leads takes away from the accessible voltage for the load. The typical time needed for the output voltage to start to alter after receiving the digital information is 20 ms for the power supplies linked straight to the GPIB. The input power is 3,800 VA, 2,600 W at full load and 170 W without a load. 

6680 Series

The Keysight 6680 Series of 5000 watt DC Power Supplies has everything a system engineer needs, along with features that aid in test system integration. The compensation on these models is selectable, which enables powering for inductive loads without issues. This series has extraordinarily low ripple and noise; this aids the built-in measurement system with performing precise voltage and current measurements. Every model in the 6680 Series has a single output, a GPIB interface, IVI-COM and VXIplug&play software drivers, and an AC input from 47 to 63 Hz.

The front panel on these DC Power Supplies has rotary (RPG) and keypad controls for selecting the output current and voltage. The panel display gives digital readouts of the output current and voltage. There are various other features which can be controlled on the front panel, such as: reading GPIB error message codes, storing and recalling operating states, setting the GPIB address, activating or deactivating the output, setting the overvoltage protection (OVP) trip voltage, and more. The 6680 DC Power Supplies can also be programmed remotely through the GPIB bus or from an analog input port. GPIB programming is accomplished with SCPI commands. 

6690 Series

The Keysight 6690 Series of DC Power Supplies has many valuable features, including: low ripple and noise, electronic calibration, remote sense, analog monitoring, swift up-and-down programming, complete protection from overcurrent, overvoltage overtemperature, and analog programming. These power supplies are durable and tough, meant to withstand ongoing testing even in severe environments. The 6600 watt DC Power Supplies of the 6690 Series are equivalent in size to the 5000 watt 6680 Series. This ensures that system power can be upgraded without the necessity of further rack space. Additionally, as many as three 6690 series power supplies of the same model can be linked in parallel, to deliver more power as requirements increase.

The 6690 Series of DC Power Supplies can be used in non-automated assessment in R&D or for power for the repair bench in manufacturing. With the front panel, the power supply output and related protection features can be controlled. The output voltage and control can also be watched from the front panel meters. To program commands over the GPIB, the user can utilize SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments). These commands can be used for any instrument; the same function will have an equivalent command.

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