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680XXC Series

Anritsu 680XXC Series Synthesized CW Generator

69XXXB Series

Anritsu 69XXXB Series Synthesized CW Signal Generator

Pulse Pattern Generator

 The Anritsu Pulse Pattern Generators series is suited for research and development of high-speed logic, ICs, and digital systems. The Anritsu Pulse Pattern Generators series has several different options, with varying specifications and strengths, depending on the user’s needs. The Anritsu MP1763C Pulse Pattern Generator can be combined with the MP1764A/C Error Detector to assess high-speed digital communication systems and high-speed semiconductors. The MP1763C Pulse Pattern Generator has a frequency range of 50 MHz to 12.5 GHz. The MP1763C Pulse Pattern Generator contains four different pulse patterns (alternate, programmable, zero substitution, and pseudorandom), as does the MP1775A. Conversely, the MP1758A Pulse Pattern Generator has only two types of pulse patterns (pseudo-random and programmable) and a frequency range of 100 MHz to 12.5 GHz. The MP1758A has the optional feature of Pattern Editing while connected to a PC and can be joined with additional 40Gbit/s measuring instruments. The MP1775A Pulse Pattern Generator covers a frequency range of 100MHz to 12.5 GHz, parallel output of 12.5 Gbit/s x 4 channels, and a Cross-Point adjustment function located on the front panel. The MP1775A and the MP1758A both have four output channels, while the MP1763C has two data output channels and three clock output channels. 

680XXB Series

The Anritsu 680XXB is the advanced series of high-performance signal generators. The series comes with many measurement and functional capabilities. The amazing set of features make it sufficient for many design applications in industries such as: telecommunication, microwave, and defense. The Anritsu 680XXB series offers a wide range of signal frequencies from 0.01 GHz to 65 GHz. The 680XXB Signal Generators also have an exceptional range of output power. It also offers the user with the facility to upgrade any of the features of 680XXB Signal Generators. These feature upgrades cost very little.

The 680XXB Signal Generators offer amplitude, frequency, phase and pulse modulation schemes. The internal generators offer seven different types of waveform modulation schemes. It also includes the user-defined arbitrary waveforms. It enables the user to generate various types of testing signals for R&D environments. The 680XXB Signal Generators also incorporate the built-in power meters. These internal power meters help in the measurement calibration procedures.

The 680XXB series offers many control options on the front panel. The user can navigate through the menu and available options; this enables the user to adjust various control functions and set measurement parameters. The front panel also incorporates the high-quality LCD. The 680XXB Signal Generator series is the complete package because it enables users to accommodate for modern day engineering requirements.

681XXB Series

The Anritsu 681XXB series of Synthesized Sweep Generators feature a frequency range from 0.01 GHz to 65 GHz, along with step, analog, and manual sweep capabilities. Models have an optional 0.1 Hz resolution and Output levels to +17 dBm. The Anritsu 681XXB models are astounding signal generators engineered to accommodate requirements that will expand over time, as economical upgrades to premium models are available. They are efficient tools for component analysis, signal simulation, LO duty, or A.T.E. applications.

The Anritsu 681XXB series features Waveguide extensions to 110GHz, Internal AM, FM, Phase, Pulse modulation, and user downloaded complex modulation. Excellent features, great performance, and Output accuracy combine to make the Anritsu 681XXB models a reliable source for analyzing networks and swept A.T.E. source applications. Other features of the Anritsu 681XXB series are: step sweep, analog sweep, power sweep, alternate sweep, master/slave, and 360B SS Mode.

The Anritsu 681XXB Synthesized Sweep Generators have generators a high-resolution phase-lock capability. One of the greatest features of this series is that the user can fully control all functions of the signal/sweep generator locally, by remote operation through the IEEE-488 General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB).