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E44xx ESG Signal Generators

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E82xx PSG Signal Generators

E82xx PSG Signal Generators | Keysight Technologies | Signal Generators | In Stock & Ready to Ship | Apex Waves

High Performance Arbitrary Waveform Generators

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N51xx Signal Generators

N51xx Signal Generators | Keysight Technologies | Signal Generators | In Stock & Ready to Ship | Apex Waves

3310 Series

Keysight/Agilent/HP 3310 Series of Function Generators

MXG RF Analog

MXG RF Analog Signal Generator

81100 Series

Keysight Agilent HP 81100 Series of Pulse Pattern Generators

834xx Signal Generators

The Keysight 834xx Series of Synthesized Sweepers has CW operation available as one its major applications. This mode is simple to enable with the front-panel keys. While in CW mode, the Synthesized Sweeper will output one, low-noise, synthesized frequency. There is also a power sweep function. Each model in the 834xx series has five calibrated frequency markers, along with multiple sweep modes arranged around saved marker locations. The capability of saving and recalling a maximum of nine front panel settings additionally permits an Alternate Sweep function. Data entry on these Synthesized Sweepers can be easily completed with the numeric keyboard, RPG (Rotary Pulse Generator) control, or step keys.

The Keysight 834xx Series also has multiple service features, such as an internal self-test, which will run every time the Synthesized Sweeper is powered on or when the INSTR PRESET key on the front panel is selected. Front panel diagnostic patterns are available to help the user discover errors and isolation. Several options can be purchased for these models, including a chassis mount slide kit, eradicating pulse modulation, a front panel or back panel RF output, relaxed phase noise specifications, an interface cable, and various others. 

835xx Signal Generators

The Keysight 835xx Series contains 17 models; the 8350B Sweep Oscillator is the Mainframe and the other models are RF Plug-in or Millimeter-Wave Source modules for the mainframe. The 8350B Sweep Oscillator has several different sweep modes: CW Frequency, START-STOP, Marker Sweep, CENTER Frequency, and Marker-> Center frequency. There are five settable frequency markers, and a sweep time ranging from 0.01-100 seconds. The frequency range and other specifications are determined by the plug-in module being used. The 8350B can be controlled remotely with the Hewlett-Packard Interface Bus (HP-IB). Every front panel function is programmable through the HP-IB, minus the line switch.

The applications the 835xx Series are best for include: scalar network analysis, serving as a local oscillator for down-converting high frequency signals, and some of the RF plug-ins can be used as a stand-alone RF signal source. Additionally, the Millimeter-Wave Source Modules can be used as a mixer LO in certain applications and prolong the accessible dynamic range in frequency response measurements. The Millimeter-Wave Source Modules provide leveled high output power, complete waveguide band frequency coverage, as well as high frequency preciseness and resolution of the driving microwave foundation.  

836xx Signal Generators

The Keysight 836xx Synthesized Swept Signal and CW Generator Series can be used in the following applications: upconverter, local oscillator (LO) for frequency conversion of signals for noise figure measurements, receiver tests, and frequency time-interval assessment, 8510 compatibility, antenna scan simulation, radar target return simulation, general-purpose synthesized microwave source capability, mixer test LO, and various others. This series has features such as great swept power preciseness, analog power sweep, 5 ms switching time with narrow steps, user flatness power correction, list, ramp, and step sweep modes. The B models have additional features, including linear AM, an internal modulation generator, 8 MHz FM bandwidth, and more.

Software development time can be greatly decreased on the 836xx Synthesized Swept Signal and CW Generators by employing languages such as SCPI and CIIL. These languages guarantee compatibility with Agilent scalar and vector network analyzers. These models are an economical, affordable solution with the valuable option to upgrade later. Another useful feature of the 836xx series is these Synthesized Swept Signal and CW Generators are only required to be calibrated every two years. If issues occur, there are more than 280 internal self-tests to swiftly pinpoint over 95% of the fiascos to the assembly level.

837xx Signal Generators

The Agilent 837xx Series of Signal Generators sets another standard for execution at a value that is shockingly reasonable. Never again will you need to surrender recurrence scope, tweak or dependability to meet your financial plan. These instruments comply with the Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments (SCPI). SCPI conforms to IEEE 488.2-1987. Also, these instruments will imitate most relevant Agilent 8673 summons, giving general similarity ATE frameworks which incorporate 8673 arrangement signal generators.

Among their principle highlights are the following: RF Output (sort N exactness, or 3.5 mm accuracy  with Option 1E9), ALC utilized for outer leveling with either a power meter or a positive or negative extremity diode locator, AM (Accepts input motion for outer direct AM or log AM), nominal impedance, FM/FM (accepts input motion for outer FM or stage balance with Option 800), pulse/trigger (accepts input motion for outside heartbeat balance), pulse video out (Outputs a flag that takes after the RF yield in all heartbeat modes), pulse match up out (Outputs a synchronizing beat, ostensibly 50 ns width, amid inward and activated heartbeat tweak), and TTL.

86xx Signal Generators

The Agilent 86xx Series of Signal Generators consolidates superior performance with frequency agility. With this blend, test both stringent RF execution and quick bouncing capacity of recurrence coordinated radios and reconnaissance receivers. Moreover, this series can simulate an unpredictable domain to test for susceptibility to interference or give a quick changing jolt to diminishing creation test time. Previously, while testing secure communications receivers required two separate bits of hardware. Estimations, for example, affectability and bending were done one recurrence at once with a generator of high spectral purity and adjustment ability. Another generator that exchanged recurrence rapidly or another radio was utilized to practically test the dynamic or light-footed part of the radio. Presently this instruments offer both elite and quick jumping so you can test both static and dexterous operations of the recipient with only one calibrated signal generator.

Signal generator execution must be superior to anything recipient plan, or you wind up measuring the source as opposed to the receiver. This series offers high performance for in-channel and contiguous channel estimations, both in static and light-footed operation. For conventional receiver estimations this instruments offer the execution you requirement for even the most stringent recipient particulars. Include recurrence dexterity without relinquishing superior details and you have one generator for testing both static and light-footed operation.

The performance of this signal generator series offers you a more solid signal generator. Each instrument comprises of modules with determined execution. Each module is tried as though it were a total instrument on the creation lines. At the point when the modules are united in an instrument, the overall execution of the module combination is tested again.

878xx Signal Generators

The Keysight 878xx Series of Vector Signal Generators is ideal for assessing modern advanced telemetry and terrestrial and satellite communications receivers. Multiple advanced modulators are contained in one of these programmable signal generators, eradicating the necessity of purchasing multiple types of test equipment. Automatic calibration is easily accessible with a single button. These Vector Signal Generators can perform the following measurements: digital modulation, AM, I/Q, FM, and phase modulation. The Keysight 878xx Series can also simulate numerous modulations at the same time, which provides these signal generators with further flexibility.

Since the Vector Signal Generators in the Keysight 878xx Series run at a set frequency, the model’s I/Q modulator delivers extremely precise modulation with minimal quadrature mistakes and amplitude imbalance. The outcome of this process is calibrated I/Q modulation over higher than 8 octaves of range. This would not be plausible with a customized modulator because they utilize direct modulation methods. The 8780A Vector Signal Generator supports 8PSK, 64QAM, 16QAM, BPSK, and QPSK (with Option 64) with symbol rates as high as 150 MHz, encompassing the majority of terrestrial and satellite communications applications. One of the most difficult applications for an FM modulator is the creation of video signals. However, the signal generator’s AC FM is created to perform well for this type of application.