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DTG5000 Series

Tektronix DTG5000 Series combines the power of a data generator with the capabilities of a pulse generator in a versatile, benchtop form factor, shortening the duration of complex test procedures and simplifying the generation of low-jitter, high-accuracy clock signals or serial data across multiple channels.


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The Tektronix AFG3000C Series of Arbitrary Function Generators has many valuable characteristics: a 5.6 inch display for complete competency in settings and waveform shape, multi-language and intuitive operation to decrease setup time, pulse waveform with variable edge times, dual-channel modes to save money and bench space, a USB connector on the front panel for waveform storage on a memory device, and LabVIEW and LabWindows/IVI-C drivers. The color TFT LCD display screen allows the user to view every pertinent waveform parameter and graphical wave shape instantly. This feature provides complete assurance in the signal settings and permits the user to concentrate on their task.

The Tektronix AFG3000C Series has 12 standard waveforms available. Arbitrary waveforms can be created as long as 128 K at high sampling rates. For pulse waveforms, leading and trailing edge time can be chosen individually. Exterior signals can be linked and added to the output signal. Dual-channel models can create two matching or entirely different signals. The AFG3011C has a frequency range from 1 mHz to 5 MHz. The AFG3021C and AFG3022C have a frequency range covering 1 mHz to 25 MHz and the AFG3051C and AFG3052C have the widest frequency range of 1 mHz to 40 MHz. 


The AWG5000 Series of Arbitrary Waveform Generators by Tektronix is ideal for a variety of applications: ADC/DAC testing, mixed-signal design and testing, high-resolution wireless communications and defense electronics, real-world, deal, or distorted signal generation (with all the irregularities, glitches, and errors), education and research, and system synchronization and timing control for large-scale test systems. Standard features on these arbitrary waveform generators include: 28 digital output channels, a large memory, an easy-to-use interface, the capability to effectively use it at the bench-top, and a dynamic jump capability. These Arbitrary Waveform Generators also have an integrated PC that supports network integration and gives a built-in DVD, LAN, removable hard drive, and USB ports.

The Tektronix AWG5012 and AWG5002 Arbitrary Waveform Generators have 28 optional digital output channels, which have high-resolution edge placement, ensuring that they are the ideal solution for digital signal generation applications. The AWG5000 Series delivers good SFDR over modulation bandwidths as high as 180 MHz, which meets the requirements of IQ and IF signal generators. Another beneficial feature of this series is that real-time sequencing generates endless waveform loops, jumps, and conditional branches for longer pattern-length generation ideal for duplicating real-world actions of serial transmitters. 


AFG3000 Arbitrary/Function Generator Series

Unmatched Performance, Versatility and Ease-of-Use. Today's designs are often complex, demanding a variety of stimulus signals during test. With 12 standard waveforms, arbitrary waveform capability, and signal impairment options, the AFG3000 Series supports a wide range of application needs with one instrument. Best-in-class performance ensures signals are accurately reproduced. A large display and 25 shortcut keys make the AFG3000 Series both easy to learn and easy to use.