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Performance Series Thermal Imagers

Fluke Performance Series Thermal Imagers

Thermal Imagers

Fluke Thermal Imagers


There are several different types of Fluke Analyzers. First, there are the DSX Cable Analyzers. The DSX Cable Analyzers are designed for assessing and certifying twisted pair cabling for up to 40 Gigabit Ethernet deployments and can be used with any cabling system. This series provides precise certification without any mistakes. Next, there are the 1740 series of three-phase power quality loggers. These models are created for technicians who troubleshoot and assess power distribution systems. The 1740 series can log as many as 500 parameters at once for a maximum of 85 days. This series can also aid in discovering random power quality problems that are difficult to spot.

Another type of analyzer by Fluke is the DTX Cable Analyzer Series. This series provides a solution that streamlines each detail of certification, including: setup, assessment, troubleshooting, and even reporting the outcome to the client. The Fluke DTX Cable Analyzers improves production rates, can certify 10 Gig performances, has a 900 MHz frequency range, and has advanced time-saving diagnostics. The last type of analyzer designed by Fluke is the DTX-SFM2 fiber module. This module can be used in conjunction with a DTX Series Cable Analyzer to assess and certify fiber optic cabling installations. 


Fluke has created a variety of testers. One of these is the 1550C insulation resistance tester, which provides digital insulation testing up to 5 kV. The Fluke 1550C is suited for assessing many types of high voltage equipment, such as motors, generators, switchgear, and cables. The 1550C has useful features, including measurement storage and a PC interface, which makes it ideal for preventative or pre-emptive maintenance programs that discover equipment fiascos prior to a disaster.  A second type of tester designed by Fluke is the 1623 Kit, which is a Basic Geo Earth Ground Tester. The 1623 Kit can complete four types of earth ground tests: 3 and 4-pole earth ground measurements, 4-pole soil resistivity testing, selective testing (without disconnecting the ground connector), and stakeless testing (fast ground loop testing). A third type of tester by Fluke is the 810 Vibration Tester. The 810’s function is to aid in discovering and prioritizing mechanical issues. The versatile machine speed configurations on this tester ensure that many types of assets can be tested, such as: gear boxes, bevel gears, and belt drives. The 810 Vibration Tester has a self-test function to guarantee the finest performance and a 2 GB expandable on-board memory.