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Analyzers are available and ready to ship! Apex Waves stocks discontinued analyzers from AnritsuRohde Schwarz, and Tektronix. Call today for a quote!



Counters from Anritsu, Agilent, Tektronix & LeCroy are available today. 
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DC Electronic Loads

Apex Waves sells used Direct Current (DC) Electronic Loads,with a variety of manufacturers to choose from. DC Electronic Loads can be used to assess many types of DC power sources in applications such as utility,telecommunications,troubleshooting, maintenance,and manufacturing.The use of DC Electronic Loads can help you identify the basis of a problem and prevent circuits from being damaged. DC Electronic Loads each come with their own special features,including:programmable features, portability,triggering functions,voltage,current,and power measurements,and more.If you’re interested in a certain model,call or email us for a quote! 


Apex Waves sells numerous types of used, discontinued, and obsolete demultiplexers from popular manufacturers. Demultiplexers can be used for data acquisition, audio signal routing, battery powered systems, and other applications. They are instruments that can take one signal transporting numerous payloads and separate it into a few streams. Demultiplexers come with features such as 1, 4, 8, or 16 channels, a maximum supply voltage of 34 V, high isolation, a large operating range, and some models are RoHS compliant. Call or email today for a quotation.


Legacy & Vintage

Apex Waves offers a lot of discontinued and obsolete products. For legacy products, check our listings and availability to see what's around.



Meters, kits, handheld scopes and more! Apex Waves stocks new, refurb and warranties all products.

Modular Systems

We sell used modular test systems from a variety of popular manufacturers. Modular systems can be utilized for design, manufacturing, RF and communications, semiconductor test, and other types of applications. Modular systems are tailored to suit your specific requirements and budget, since they involve flexible parts. The modular systems we sell include multifunction I/O modules, digital I/O modules, digital instruments, and more. If you would like to purchase any type of modular test system, call today for a quotation.


We sell a variety of used, discontinued, and obsolete multiplexers from common manufacturers, which can be installed in a chassis or a modular arrangement like a daisy-chain. Multiplexers are used for applications such as communication, transportation, semiconductor, mobile backhaul, and numerous others. Features vary from model to model, but many multiplexers offer durability in challenging environments, variable data rates, local or remote operation, multiple ports, a compact size, and the capability to be rack-mounted. Multiplexers are an economical option because they help the user save money by reducing the cost of cabling separate sensors on lengthy wires. If you are interested in one of our multiplexers, call or email us today for a quotation and we will respond the same day with all imperative information.



We have obsolete oscilloscopes in stock from top manufacturers: TektronixTeledyne LeCroyRohde SchwarzKeysight/Agilent/HPFluke
 and more!

Power Supplies by HP Agilent In Stock Up to 50% Off Free Shipping & Warranty! 

Power Supplies

DC Power SuppliesAC Power Supplies, Replacements for ATE, Rack Systems & Standalone units! Apex Waves stocks new, refurb and warranties all products.


Apex Waves sells numerous types of used and discontinued probes from commonly used manufacturers. We have active, current, logic, voltage, and differential probes in stock. Probes can be used with oscilloscopes and will guarantee precise measurements for users. Every probe is designed to be used with a select few models; they have varying bandwidths, capacitance, cable lengths, etc. If you are unsure which probe to order for your testing needs or do not see a specific probe on our website, call or email us today for more information. 


Signal Generators

Signal generators, frequency, function & waveform generators from AgilentTektronixRohde Schwarz, and more! 
In stock & Ready to ship.


 Test & Measurement Misc

Along with our other parts, we also sell many popular types of miscellaneous test equipment, which includes calibration kits, accessories, amplifiers, and more. These types of products help system engineers achieve higher performance and greater accuracy with their test equipment. Our miscellaneous test equipment is available at a discounted price and is designed to make your work easier. 



VXI Bus Mainframe & boards VME controllers from Agilent, National Instruments, Tektronix, HP, are all available. 

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