Utilizing the Measurement Features of the PXI-4070

Angled view of the PXI-4070 with the Apex Waves logo as a watermark

PXI Digital Multimeters (DMMs) are versatile instruments that offer highly precise measurements for a variety of applications. From diode testing to voltage measurements, these modular devices utilize the same synchronization features and high-speed data capabilities as the PXI platform at large, making them an excellent choice for even the most challenging tasks. This post focuses on the specifications and features of the PXI-4070 from NI, a 6.5 Digit FlexDMM that boasts high speeds, accurate precision, and flexible functionality.

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Automating ASIC Testing: A Case Study in Production Efficiency

Extreme closeup of an integrated circuit on a microchip

In the ever-evolving landscape of semiconductor technology, the challenges of simplifying production tests and minimizing costs are paramount. A case study showcasing ideas from Concept Technologies- with the help of tools from NI and Konrad Technologies- offers a groundbreaking solution to these challenges. This case study demonstrates how automation and cutting-edge technology transformed the testing process of application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs).

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NI Software Radio: A Radio Ambulance Project Success Story

Paramedic getting an orange stretcher out of the back of an ambulance

In bustling cities worldwide, heavy traffic can become a critical obstacle for emergency services, impacting patient outcomes. In response to this recurring issue, the Radio Ambulance Project in Ecuador emerged as a groundbreaking initiative to tackle the challenge head-on. Their goal? To reduce ambulance response times by alerting drivers through FM radio interference. This blog post will discuss the case study that highlights the project’s journey, its technical intricacies, and the potential it holds for transforming emergency services.

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Types of Power Supply Circuits

Black Transistor Beside a Capacitor on a Circuit Board

Power supply circuits are incredibly important in semiconductors. These components are responsible for providing power that is essential to the operation of the device- enabling diverse applications, efficiency, stability, and reliability. In this post, we will take a look at four different kind of power supplies for circuits: unregulated, linear-regulated, switching, and ripple-regulated.

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A Success Story in Energy-Efficient Safety Systems Using NI Hardware

Closeup of white garbage truck collecting trash cans

In a world increasingly focused on sustainable solutions, a triumph in the realm of test and measurement applications emerged from Taiwan a few years ago. The mission was clear: develop an energy-efficient safety system for special vehicles, specifically targeting the transformation of traditional garbage trucks. The key to success? The innovative combination of the NI sbRIO-9636 module and NI LabVIEW system design software.

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Innovating Software-Defined Radar With NI USRP and LabVIEW

Buildings on the campus of the University of Calabria in Italy

Engineers and researchers are constantly seeking ways to develop radar solutions that are not only efficient, but also highly flexible and cost-effective. One possible solution to this challenge was the development of a low-cost software-defined radar system, which offered the ability to adapt and reconfigure its main parameters on the fly. In this post, we will explore a case study that exemplifies this achievement, showcasing how technology and software can revolutionize radar applications.

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The Applications of Average and RMS Waveform Values

Extreme closeup of waveform on screen of digital oscilloscope

When it comes to understanding waveforms, average and RMS values are two essential parameters that play a crucial role in various applications. These values provide valuable insights into the behavior and characteristics of waveforms, making them indispensable tools for professionals working in fields such as electrical engineering, electronics engineering, audio engineering, and telecommunications engineering.

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Revolutionizing Train Testing with NI Products

R188 7811-7821 testing on the Dyre Avenue Line at Gun Hill Road

Rail transportation requires rigorous serial testing to ensure the safety, efficiency, and reliability of the trains that keep so many vital industries around the globe running- but how can these high standards be met in the most efficient way? In this blog post, we will discuss a case study of how the French manufacturing company Alstom utilized NI products and software to answer that very question.

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A Guide to Semiconductor Types, Applications, and the Manufacturing Process

A prototype silicon wafer at the basis of the creation of computer circuits

From the microchips in our smartphones to the intricate circuitry of our computers, semiconductors are at the heart of it all. In this blog post, we will take a journey through the process of semiconductor manufacturing, explore the different types of semiconductors, and dive into their vast applications.

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Using FlexRIO and LabVIEW to Ensure the Safety of Nuclear Waste Containers

Huge cooling towers in nuclear power plant at sunset

Imagine being tasked with ensuring the safety of highly radioactive nuclear waste containers not for decades or centuries, but for a staggering 10,000 years. Together with the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, Finland-based company ProtoRhino faced this problem head on. Their ultimate goal? To determine if copper containers can withstand the test of time and to secure the safety of hazardous materials for millennia.

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