Can ChatGPT Write Code for LabVIEW?

Closeup sideview of ChatGPT homescreen

This is undoubtedly not the first blog post or article about ChatGPT that you have read. Since its initial release just a few months ago in November 2022, Open AI’s massive language model has exploded in popularity. The possible applications for ChatGPT seem endless, and companies and individuals alike are asking the fill-in-the-blank question with a million answers: “Can ChatGPT help me _____?”.

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Government Asset Scrapping By the Pound

Closeup picture of the US Capitol Building, angled from below with a blue sky in the background

Recycling or reusing materials in order to reduce global waste is not the only consideration when disposing of unneeded NI Hardware. With so much personal and proprietary information being stored and shared around the globe each day, the secure removal of data is an equally important consideration. This is especially true for government entities, where cybersecurity is paramount. Read on to learn more about the importance of scrapping government assets and how Apex Waves can help.

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How to Identify Your NI Part

Closeup of a NI box label with the model name, part number, and catalog number highlighted in yellow

If you have ever found yourself confused by all of the different numbers associated with your NI part and what they signify, you are not alone. With an impressively massive catalog of parts that has only grown over the past few decades, the numbering system established by NI uses many different identifiers out of necessity. In this post, we will break down the most common identifiers and variations for NI parts and explain their significance.

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How NVIDIA Jetson Systems are Revolutionizing AI Applications

Closeup of green and black NVIDIA logo on a dark background

Companies in almost every industry are being transformed by artificial intelligence, and autonomous machines are paving the way for new business models and services. This is especially evident in the work from tech company NVIDIA®, which has been a driving force for innovation in the fields of robotics, creative design, autonomous vehicles, and artificial intelligence since 1993. The NVIDIA Jetson™ series of modules are advanced AI embedded systems that are impacting industries across the globe.

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