Setting Up a PXI Controller for LabVIEW Real Time

Closeup of technician inserting an NI module into a chassis

LabVIEW Real-Time is an incredibly useful software add-on designed for LabVIEW applications. When paired with the modular PXI platform, it results in a robust platform capable of executing complex data acquisition, signal processing, and control algorithms. No matter what your level of expertise is, this post serves as a simple guide to setting up your PXI controller with LabVIEW RT- so you can jump right in!

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Ultimate Resistance Testing Guide

resistance testing, National Instruments PXI

Welcome to the “Ultimate Resistance Testing Guide,” where we’ll dive into the complexities of resistance testing with a streamlined process.

Resistance tests differ from voltage and current tests; they typically involve turning off the equipment and disconnecting its components to guarantee precise measurements. Come along as we examine the several types of resistance tests and discuss the fundamentals of this essential area of electrical testing.

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