Why you Should Buy PCI Spares

Many products in the National Instruments PCI platform, also known as “Peripheral Component Interconnect,” are considered obsolete or mature because the newer, more advanced PCI Express platform has expanded upon PCI with upgraded features meant for newer computers. However, the NI PCI platform is suited for a variety of applications and industries, most notably for applications in the aerospace and defense industry. These applications include ATE systems and software, electromechanical systems test, embedded software test, communications, and navigation systems test, and radar, electronic warfare, and signals intelligence.

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Sell Your Surplus PXI!

Do you have surplus test equipment cluttering up your lab or storeroom? Apex Waves has the solution, particularly if you have National Instruments PXI modules. Apex Waves started in the world of test equipment after identifying a gap in the marketplace for high-quality customer service in the test equipment business. We now have a large inventory of new and reconditioned items but need more all the time.

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National Instruments Emulating Obsolete Equipment

Development and in-service time for avionics equipment normally run into decades with mature equipment still requiring test and maintenance facilities. But this same long in-service time means that test equipment initially built for pre-production testing and subsequent through life test and repair is also becoming obsolete. Particularly when bespoke designed test equipment has been used.

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