Selling Your Surplus to Apex Waves

Various NI hardware on a blue background

Looking to get rid of your used, new, or secondhand test equipment? Sell your surplus to Apex Waves! We accept modules across every NI series as well as from additional manufacturers, working to give you the best offer for your individual goals with multiple selling options. Keep reading to learn more about how to quickly and conveniently sell your surplus to Apex Waves!

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The PXI System At Work: i-bodi Technology

Front view of the F.A.S.T. MAN Test system mannequin, courtesy of I-bodi

When the team at i-bodi Technology Ltd. reached out to Apex Waves inquiring about a PXI-1031 chassis, we were thrilled! The i-bodi team’s ability to design and develop unique test platforms is inspiring, and we were excited to see what they are working on now. In this post, we will take a closer look at one of i-bodi’s current projects, as well as how the PXI platform plays a part.

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Hand Switches and Electrical Circuits

Closeup of industrial power switch

Switches are the first basic building block of a successful electronic device. Since they have the power to either complete or disrupt an electrical circuit, control is impossible to achieve without them. Switches are fundamentally binary devices (they can only be either entirely on or completely off), but how do they work? While there are many different types of switches to discuss, this post will take a look at some of the most common types of manual hand switches and how they function.

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NI Connect Keynote Recap: Day 2

The second day of NI Connect 2023 brought just as much excitement as the first. The overall theme of the conference’s second keynote was NI’s vision to support a more connected world, and it brought together guest speakers from prominent organizations such as Northeastern University, NXP, and the Battery Innovation Center. Keep reading for a recap of what was discussed in the second and final keynote of the conference!

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