NI and CMT Partner Together to Expand Offerings

On July 17, 2019, National Instruments announced it would be the sole provider of Copper Mountain Technologies’ VNAs that are now compatible with NI’s PXI platform. According to the Microwave Journal, “The relationship gives NI’s users access to metrology-grade VNAs while CMT expands the products it provides for manufacturing applications. Also, CMT will strengthen the company’s presence in the semiconductor, automotive, aerospace, defense, and education markets served by NI.”

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National Instruments – A Top Manufacturer for VXI Products

In August 2019, ResearchMoz released their Global VXI Testing Equipment Market, Insights, and Forecast to 2025 report, which provides both data and estimates for the worldwide market of VXI Testing Equipment. In this study, seven top manufacturers are included, as well as an examination of their VXI testing equipment, broken down by type, application, production by region, and consumption by region. For the purposes of this study, 2018 was considered as the base year, with a market history of 2014 – 2018 and a forecast timeframe of 2019 – 2015.

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