Identifying Harmonic Distortion

Ever since the first generators, harmonics have been a part of power systems. However, we now live in an era of power that is defined by non-linear loads. Equipment for powering computers, electronic ballasts, and VFDs are among the electronic power supplies that are used now more than ever. Unchecked harmonic distortion in these electrical equipment systems can result in damage and hazards such as overheating. Not only does this affect power quality, but it can become costly to fix. The question then becomes: do you know how to correctly measure the waveforms of your equipment while taking harmonic distortion into account?

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Measuring Sounds and Vibrations with NI Hardware

Closeup of two fingers measuring a yellow frequency line on a LCD screen

The NI C Series of Sound and Vibration Input Modules can be used with both accelerometers and microphones to collect vibration and acoustic signals. These signals can then be used for audio testing, monitoring machine conditions, and to determine NVH (noise / vibration / harshness). An incredible asset to any project, these modules aid in quickly and easily measuring sounds and vibrations. However, the amount of options and possible combinations can be confusing! Thankfully, there are a few key factors to keep in mind to help narrow down the choices and find the right microphone or accelerometer to fit your needs.

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A Thrilling New Look into Deep Space with the James Webb Space Telescope

On July 12, 2022, NASA released the first full color images from the James Webb Space Telescope. These highly anticipated images debuted just over 6 months after Webb was first launched on December 25, 2021; and they showcase never before seen views of our universe in astounding clarity. These infrared images give us an unprecedented window into the history of the cosmos, investigating the origins of the universe and our place within it.

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Advancing Water Sustainability in Manufacturing

Closeup of a large body of water being churned by waves

Utilizing water in a way that manages the ecological, societal, and economical concerns we are currently facing without jeopardizing our ability to do so in the future is the focus of many in the manufacturing industry. On July 6, 2022, it was announced that the Taiwan-based design and building firm WaterPark Environment Corp. was acquired by Gradiant, a global solutions company and cleantech water provider based in Boston. This merger is expected to help bring advanced manufacturing and semiconductor production even closer to the goal of water sustainability.

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