7 Ways Keysight is Preparing the Next Generation of Engineers

Keysight is an American technologies company that creates hardware for multiple types of field instruments and produces electronic design software for aerospace and defense engineering. Recently, they signed a Memorandum of Agreement with three prestigious Vietnam universities to support rising engineers. But they aren’t just preparing the way for Vietnamese students. Keysight is creating industry leading engineers at American universities from Pennsylvania all the way to Hawaii with these seven types of services and support.

The University Grants Program

Keysight’s university program provides funding and equipment for research labs in universities from coast to coast. The company provides access to top of the line equipment and research materials to students. In 2018, New York University received the largest donation in the history of the university to help them further explore millimeter wave and terahertz electromagnetic spectra. The amount of the donation was not disclosed, but Keysight’s gift also included mm Wave and broadband signal analysis, advanced time-domain analysis, as well as RF/mm Wave power measurement equipment.



Rotation Programs

Keysight’s IT Rapid Rotation Program is giving college graduates the opportunity to get hands-on learning in multiple areas of modern technologies over a period of twelve months. This program is a full-time position in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where graduates will go through an accelerated learning program with mentors to guide them. They will work through digital technologies, research and developing apps, business applications, enterprise security, and high-performance computing on a timely rotation.

eLearning Programs and Training Services

Online learning programs and training are available to train teams to use new equipment and learn how to use updated software. These courses are designed to enhance the proficiency to make the most of using Keysight equipment. Modules can be purchased containing videos to walk step by step through multiple processes. The eLearning demos provide 24/7 access and the ability to set your own pace.


Internships are available for students through Keysight’s University Program Department. Students working toward degrees in business administration, computer science, computer engineering, and electrical engineering can telecommute to work with professionals in different areas. Flexibility for class schedules and fair pay are offered to help while employed with Keysight. Aside from working virtually, students may even have the opportunity to work in physical locations like Santa Clara, California, or Atlanta, Georgia, to execute marketing events and develop software platforms.

Jobs for Students

Finding jobs after college can be one of the most difficult challenges students face. Keysight’s website lists student recruiting as a top priority. Science and engineering students are frequently offered jobs after graduation or post-internship. Employees are offered multiple benefits. Medical coverage, bonuses, and an employer-match 401(k) plan are all accessible to Keysight employees, making it one of the top companies to work for in the United States.



Modified Work Schedules

After college, this is the time that many people are beginning to prioritize family and other relationships. Keysight offers its employees flexible work arrangements, so telecommuting, job-shares, and varying work schedules are all available for those who dread the typical nine-to-five day job. Employees can work a full-time job with time to prioritize other important aspects of their life and maintain a healthy work/life balance.

Government-Funded Research Programs

Students interning or hired as graduate employees are working with state-of-the-art equipment and world-class engineers to advance modern technology. They are offered the ability to work on government-funded research such as the SiGo project. Partnered with AT4 Wireless, ISOIN, and Quobis, Keysight aims to advance the 5G network and improve network performance.

Keysight is certainly leading the way in preparing the next generation of engineers. Considering that all 25 of the top technology companies use Keysight, there is possibly no better place for tech-minded students to look for training and opportunities. For more information about Keysight programs, visit their website.