National Instruments SCC: Part 3

This is part 3 of our National Instruments SCC blog series. This part will describe the SCC Panelettes, Signal Conditioning Enclosures, 5B Series, Signal Conditioning Accessories, and Digital Input Modules.

Signal connection panelettes offer the flexibility to build a custom signal interface for data acquisition/signal conditioning systems. These panelettes are used with standard signal connectors including BNC, LEMO, MIL-Spec, thermocouple, minithermocouple, SMB, and 9-pin D-sub. These signal connection panelettes can also be installed into various shielded connectors, including the SC-2345, SC-2311, and CA-1000. These panelettes can connect to any I/O signal available on the accessory.



The National Instruments CA-1000 is a signal conditioning enclosure that includes a user-configurable signal connection scheme. This type of connection is flexible and is achieved with interchangeable panelettes. The panelettes, which are included with standard signal connectors, such as BNC, SMB, thermocouple plugs, and 9-pin D-Sub connectors, can mount into the front panel of the CA-1000 enclosure. Among the nine panelettes held by the CA-1000 front panel, different types can be mixed and matched.


The NI SC-2311 is a shielded enclosure for up to eight 5B series and eight SSR modules. It is used for shielded measurements, to add digital conditioning, and for configurable sensor and signal connectors. Input signals can connect straight to the carrier, not the modules, simplifying module replacement. The connectivity of the system can be customized by adding up to 18 connectivity and interface panelettes. The NI SC-2311 shielded enclosure requires AC power.


The 5B Series perform single-channel analog signal conditioning for National Instruments DAQ devices. These modules are fastened to an 8 or 16-channel backplane that then connects to the data acquisition device, which provides assorted signal conditioning on a channel-by-channel basis. The series also provides noise rejection, isolation, and amplification for millivolt sources, volt sources, 4 to 20 mA sources, RTDs, thermocouples, strain gauges, as well as frequency inputs.

The 5B Rack-Mount Kit mounts a 5B Backplane and power supply into standard 19-inch rack-mount cabinets. The power must be connected to the backplane, either from an optional power supply or from an external source.


The AMUX-64T is a front-end analog multiplexer that quadruples the number of analog input signals that can then be digitized with National Instruments 60xxE (E Series) multifunction DAQ products. Four AMUX-64T boards can be cascaded to digitize up to 256 single-ended (128 differential) signals.


The SC-2040 is an 8-channel, simultaneous-sampling, and differential amplifier accessory for National Instruments 60xxE (E Series) DAQ products. Each channel has a high-input impedance instrumentation amplifier with selectable gain followed by a Track & Hold (T/H) amplifier. This amplifier accessory can then draw power from either the DAQ device or from an external +5 V supply.


The SC-2043-SG is a signal conditioning board that interfaces National Instruments DAQ products directly to strain gauge transducers. This signal conditioning board has eight input channels, with each channel including half-bridge completion along with sockets for quarter-bridge completion, onboard voltage excitation with options for user-supplied excitation, amplifier gain of 10, and offset nulling circuit.


The SC-2060 has eight optically isolated digital inputs which are then routed back to National Instruments DAQ boards. These inputs have independent voltage reference connections and use optocoupler technology to sense digital signals with up to 400 Vrms of common-mode voltage.

The SC-2061 has eight optically-isolated digital outputs, which allows for control of high-voltage digital signals with a National Instruments DAQ board. Each output has an independent ground reference and digital output line with 250 Vrms of isolation between channels and 400 Vrms between channel and ground. To use the SC-2061, an external +5VDC must be supplied the signal with respect to your reference and a pull-up resistor (suggested 4.7 kOhm) on each output.


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