National Instruments cDAQ Platform

The National Instruments CompactDAQ or cDAQ  models, such as the cDAQ-9171, cDAQ-9174, cDAQ-9178, and more belong to this family of data acquisition models. A CompactDAQ system is comprised of a chassis linked to a PC via USB or Ethernet, which is filled with at least one I/O module. The National Instruments CompactDAQ Chassis can be utilized with C Series I/O modules for a mixture of counter/timer measurements, digital I/O, as well as analog I/O. Additionally, National Instruments cDAQ Chassis provide numerous timing engines. This feature enables the user to run several hardware-timed actions at the same time with individual rates for analog input. These Chassis have carrying slot counts, anywhere from 1 to 14, enabling the user to choose a Chassis with the requirements for their application. The Bus Connectors for these models are either USB 2.0, USB 3.0, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi. Several of the National Instruments NI cDAQ Chassis also have a synchronization feature and/or a built-in trigger.



There are also CompactDAQ Controllers obtainable that can run a real-time or Windows OS by themselves. The CDAQ Controllers are durable, dependable, high-performance embedded controllers perfect for completing waveform acquisition and inline software assessment. These Controllers have a hard drive memory size of 16 or 32 GB, 4 to eight slots, and varying operating temperature ranges. The NI CompactDAQ Controllers come equipped with one of several types of processor cores: 1.33 GHz Dual-Core Intel Atom, 1.91 GHz Quad-Core Intel Atom, and a few others.

The National Instruments C Series Modules can be linked to numerous types of buses and sensors. These modules are capable of several measurement types, including audio frequency, resistance, voltage, and others. The majority of these modules are compatible with the cDAQ platform. The C Series modules have varying channel numbers available from 3 to 32. These modules each have a mixture of signal conditioning, data acquisition, and connectivity. The C Series modules can be installed in any of the C Series Chassis for a wide range of systems. This feature makes systems created with the C Series modules extremely versatile and easily customized by the user for a multitude of applications and requirements.

The Compact DAQ Series was created to be utilized in a lab but can easily be reconfigured and moved. There are several types of accessories that can additionally be purchased for this platform, including, but not limited to: power cords for Europe, U.S., North America, UK, Japan, Switzerland, and Australia, a durable carrying case, a desktop mounting kit, a spare/replacement power supply, etc.