National Instruments Power Supplies

National Instruments produces a full suite of power supplies, ideal for any situation, from PC based systems to programmable PXI modules. At Apex Waves, we can supply a range of obsolete and mature parts, including National Instruments Industrial Power Supplies and National Instruments PXI Power Supplies.

Legacy DC Power Supplies from National Instruments

National Instruments has updated many of their power supplies, but Apex Waves can supply legacy parts to keep your system functioning without the need to upgrade.

The National Instruments PS-1 is designed for 120VAC input with a 20VDC, 0.8A output, which is wall-mounted and provides protection from direct shorts and overloads. For desktop prototyping, the National Instruments PS-2 DC Power Supply is recommended. It can provide 24VDC, 0.8A and can operate with input voltages ranging from 100 to 240VAC.

There is also the National Instruments PS-3 for more flexibility. It can operate with input voltages from 90 to 264 VAC and provides an output of 13.8VDC with a maximum current of 4A. The PS-3 can also be used for charging 12V DC batteries.

In addition, Apex Waves can supply the National Instruments PS-4 DC Power Supply. This power supply can provide up to eight I/O modules with a voltage of 24VDC and a maximum current of 0.625A.

Newer DC Power Supplies from National Instruments

There are also newer power supplies, which are recommended when designing and building a new system rather than maintaining a legacy system.

With allowable input AC voltages from 100 to 120 V and 200 to 240 V with auto select, the National Instruments PS-15 power supply can safely provide an output of 24-28 VDC and up to 5 A of current in almost any situation. Four output terminals are provided: two positive and two negative. Wall or DIN rail mounting is possible for these power supplies.

For heavier loads, consider the National Instruments PS-16, providing 24-28 VDC with up to 10 A current. The PS-16 is designed for DIN rail mounting, but optional kits allow for wall and panel mounting.

For additional features and power, the National Instruments PS-17 is recommended. A single unit can provide 24V to 28V DC output, with up to 20 Amps of current, but multiple units can be combined to provide an output voltage of up to 150VDC. Another feature of the PS-17 is the wide variety of input voltages allowed, with DC inputs from 110V-150V and AC inputs from 85V-276V.

PXI Programmable DC Power Supplies

National Instruments also offers a range of PXI Express power supplies with many features. These power supplies can be used with NI_DCPower software that allows full control of the power supply. For even greater control, there is API support for LabVIEW National Instruments software for data acquisition, instrument control, and automation.

The National Instruments PXIe-4112 provides two isolated 60 W channels from a single PXI installation for DC power supply. Voltages can be programmed from 0.1 V up to a maximum of 60 V.

For higher current applications, the National Instruments PXIe-4113 can provide 10V DC at up to 6 Amps, but also has a minimum voltage level of 0.03 V DC, giving great flexibility.

National Instruments is continuously updating the range of power supplies and rating some of the older units as obsolete or mature. Apex Waves specializes in supplying these obsolete and mature power supplies, which can be purchased by calling or emailing for a quote.