National Instruments SCXI: Part 4

This is the fourth part in our series about the National Instruments SCXI Series. This blog post will describe another type of SCXI switch module.

The second type of National Instruments SCXI Switch is general-purpose switch modules. These include the SCXI-1161, which consists of eight independent SPDT (also called Form C) nonlatching relays. They can switch up to 8 A at 125 Vrms, 6 A at 250 Vrms, or 5 A at 30 VDC, making them suitable for higher power applications. Each channel has a normally closed (NC), normally open (NO), and common (COM) terminal. You can use two or more NI SCXI-1161s (and SCXI-1160s) in the same chassis with a single DAQ device or switch controller. The DAQ device controls these SCXI modules through serial communication over the SCXIbus in the backplane of an SCXI chassis. The NI 4021 switch controller or the NI 40470/4060 DMMs control these SCXI modules via the SCXI-1362 cable assembly.



Another general-purpose switching module is the SCXI-1160. This module consists of 16 independent SPDT (also called Form C) latching relays with very low on-resistance and low thermal offset. With power capabilities of up to 2 A at 250 Vrms or 30 VDC, these relays are suitable for switching, routing, and controlling medium-level signals. Other features of the NI SCXI-1160 are the same as the NI SCXI-1161.

There is also the SCXI-1166 High-Current General-Purpose Relay Switch Module. The NI SCXI-1166 has 32 channels and individual SPDT (Form C) nonlatching relays with low on-resistance and low thermal offset. This Relay Switch Module can switch up to 2 A at 30 VAC/30 VDC and can carry 5 A per channel, making it perfect for switching, routing, and controlling high-current signals.

Additionally, the National Instruments SCXI-1167 is another type of SCXI Switch Module. This 64-channel external relay driver can provide up to 50 V or 600 mA of drive capacity when an external supply is utilized. The NI SCXI-1167 Relay Driver Module is the best solution when the current and voltage requirements for relays surpass those found in existing relay modules (or for relays embedded in a test system). The NI SCXI-1167 includes overcurrent, overvoltage, and flyback protection to guarantee long-life operation. The SCXI-1167 can drive small DC motors or other inductive relay coils as well.

The last general-purpose SCXI Switch Module is the NI SCXI-1169. This module has 100 channels and features SPST (Form A) armature relays. The National Instruments SCXI-1169 is suited for medium-power automated test loads because it provides maximum relay density, with 100 latching relays in one SCXI slot. The NI SCXI-1169 can switch up to 100 VDC/100 VAC or up to 1 A. This SCXI module is completely software-programmable and contains a 32,000-step scan list for deterministic scanning capability.


Part five in our National Instruments SCXI blog series will be coming later this week. Check back on Friday for more information about SCXI systems!