NI Hardware Approaching Obsolescence in 2024

There’s one specific part you need to replace an unexpected failure in your legacy test system, but that part is obsolete. It is no longer available for purchase, support, or calibration services from the manufacturer. Now what? This is a problem encountered by engineers and technicians across the globe- without a plan in place, they can be caught off guard needing unforeseen repairs or replacements. Apex Waves fills in this gap! In this post we will take a brief look at the NI Product Lifecycle, what it means for you, and which soon-to-be-obsolete parts will remain available through Apex Waves.

Recent Changes to the NI Product Lifecycle

NI has recently added two additional phases to its Product Lifecycle, raising the number from 4 phases to 6. The four original phases of the NI Product Lifecycle included Active, Mature, Maintenance, and Discontinued. While the Active, Mature, and Discontinued phases have remained largely the same, the “Maintenance” phase has been broken down further into two separate phases- “Standard Support” and “Limited Support“. In addition, there is now a “Last Time Buy” phase that follows the Mature phase.

Angled view of the PXIe-8840 from NI

Originally, a product entered the Maintenance phase of the lifecycle once a Last Time Buy date for it had been announced during the Mature phase. A 1-year “Last Time Buy Period” would follow NI’s decision to no longer manufacture or offer the product for purchase. After this Last Time Buy date, the device would generally stay in the Maintenance Phase of the Lifecycle for around 5 years, with NI offering limited or “reasonable effort” for repair or calibration services and support.

With the new 6-phase Lifecycle, a product moves from the Mature phase to the Last Time Buy phase, after which it will no longer be available for purchase from NI. It then enters the Standard Support phase, which only lasts for roughly one year. The next phase, Limited Support, is when NI no longer guarantees support services or calibration for the specific product.

With the rapid pace of technological innovation, this can spell out trouble for test engineers- especially for those working in industries where specific products are relied on for as long as possible (think aerospace and military applications). Rapidly advancing tech can increase the challenges of obsolescence. While manufacturers keep their focus on the newest products and latest tech, certain industries can be left behind without the support or the parts that they need.

Closeup of a technician at Apex Waves repairing a NI product

The Advantages of Choosing Apex Waves

There are no “Last Time Buy” dates with Apex Waves. Our diverse inventory is packed with NI hardware from every phase of the Product Lifecycle that will remain available for purchase. We offer both basic in-house and 3rd party calibration services, as well as considerably shorter lead times for comprehensive support and repair services. Each of our parts comes with a warranty guarantee, varying in length from 2-3 years. We have worked with customers including aerospace companies such as Boeing, SpaceX, Honeywell, and Lockheed Martin– as well as with government entities such as NASA and the United States Navy. At Apex Waves, the thousands of parts we have in inventory have already been thoroughly tested and evaluated for quality- meaning they are in stock and ready to ship.

Listed below are NI hardware modules that are approaching obsolescence in 2024, but will remain available with Apex Waves. The following lists may not be complete and are subject to future additions.

Last Time Buy Date of March 28, 2024

Model Name

Last Time Buy Date of November 30, 2024

Model Name

Last Time Buy Date of December 31, 2024

Model Name